Our Services

Since we have a long experience in the HR field through our specialists' teams, we guarantee high standard of recruitment services based on the highest quality standard and professionalism. Through our huge data base and wide range of networks and our specialist staffs, we will work very hard to know and understand your requirements to deliver your mandate in the best time frame possible.

  • Identify the recruitment needs
  • Understand and design the Job Descriptions of the vacancies
  • Manpower planning
  • Advertisements of vacancies through many media outlets
  • Collecting CVs and recruitment applications
  • Filtering the recruitment applications based on the specific requirements
  • Conducting the initial interviews with potential applicants
  • Providing clients with a short list of the best candidates
  • Coordination between the clients and the applicants for interviews scheduling
  • Providing consultations and recommendations to clients about the applicants
  • Completing the recruitment process including the signing of the employment contracts
  • Conducting follow ups on the performance of the employees during the probation period
  • Conducting follow ups on the performance of the employees after the probation period
  • Analyze the staffing needs and the manpower planning
  • Implement the job description and analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Training and Development programs
  • Implement the Compensation benefits and Rewards programs